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Lawn Care Service in Buckeye Lake OH

Keep Your Grass Greener with Our Lawn Care Fertilizer

At Bio Green Ohio, we will provide communities in Buckeye Lake OH with a professional lawn fertilization service that uses Bio Green biologically sound and environmentally safe fertilizer products which will generate amazing results in look and growth and focus on the betterment of the environment one lawn at a time. In the past, residential and commercial property owners have had to choose between competing synthetic chemical fertilizer brands when choosing a professional lawn and landscape fertilization service. Bio Green has changed the landscape of this industry with our unique approach to lawn care service in Buckeye Lake OH.

Lawn Care with Child and Pet Friendly Fertilizer

With Bio Green, there is a nationally branded, effective and environmentally friendly fertilizer that is available to the public through professional lawn and landscape fertilization service providers. Bio Green's lawn care service replaces the leading fertilization services with a competitively priced and professionally applied lawn care product that is safe for the environment, children and pets.

Lawn Care that's Safe for Plants

Bio Green’s patent-pending lawn formula is made with a carefully chosen mix of liquid fertilizer, plant nutrients with soil amendments that are blended specifically for the nutritional needs of plants.

Our Lawn Care technology will bring your soil back to its natural state, balancing the pH and nutrients, while promoting a stronger root system and healthier top growth; the essentials for a rich, vibrant and healthy lawn. The use of our formula from year to year will encourage your root system to grow stronger and denser thus preventing weeds from emerging while making the lawn more drought resistant. A healthy plant, just like a healthy body, has a stronger immune system making it naturally resistant to diseases, insects and other pests.

Once a plant uses up the food it has stored in its system, it will draw nutrition from the soil. Since our lawn care product will feed and balance the soil, your lawn, landscape and gardens will receive the essential nutrients needed for maximum growth and blooming potential. Call our office of service professionals and get started on the road to a beautiful and healthy lawn in Buckeye Lake OH.

Additional Lawn Care Services in Buckeye Lake OH

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Tree and Shrub Service in Buckeye Lake OH

Tree and shrub treatment in Buckeye Lake OH

Tree and Shrub: Eco-Friendly Fertilization in Buckeye Lake OH

Just like your lawn, proper nutrition is essential for your trees and shrubs. Resistance to drought, disease and severe weather are significantly increased if your tree is healthy and strong. Our service professionals apply Bio Green Complete Landscape Nutrition™ directly onto the trunk of the tree, covering the bark of the tree thoroughly. This allows the tree to absorb essential nutrients immediately. For younger trees the spray will be a bit lighter. Typically a few applications will generate amazing results on any tree, regardless of the size, age or species. Our eco friendly tree and shrub treatments will keep your plants blossoming all season long!

Tree and Shrub: Cold Season in Buckeye Lake OH

In colder climates where the tree enters into a dormant period and can even freeze solid, an early spring application is needed to help jump start your trees growth for the season ahead. While the fall application helps your tree store energy and nutrition for the cold winter months. In warmer climates, it is essential to provide the tree with all the essential nutrients throughout the year. Your Bio Green Tree and Shrub service professional will determine the necessary nutritional recommendations for your area. If you want tree and shrub service that will keep your plants healthy throughout the fall and winter, then schedule service in Buckeye Lake OH today!

Tree and Shrub: Shrubs in Buckeye Lake OH

Your shrubs need nutrition too! Feeding them Bio Green’s Complete Landscape Nutrition™ along with your lawn and trees will provide the proper nutrition for your entire landscape. Providing the proper nutrients to your shrubs on a regular schedule will result in dense and full shrubs. If you are in need of Tree and Shrub service in Buckeye Lake, then schedule and appointment now.

Tree and Shrub: Flowers in Buckeye Lake OH

Bio Green works just as well on ornamental flowers as it does on your lawn, trees and shrubs. All plants need the same basic essential nutrients to grow. Bio Green provides these nutrients in a gentle and safe formula that will not harm or “burn” your delicate flowering plants. Proper nutrition and balance in the soil can make the difference between a beautiful flower and one that is worthy of being in a bouquet. (Please note that we do not spray directly on the flowers themselves, just around the base of the plant to protect the delicate petals). Schedule your Tree and Shrub service in Buckeye Lake OH now!

Additional Tree and Shrub Service in Buckeye Lake OH

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Perimeter Pest Control Service in Buckeye Lake OH

Perimeter pest control service in Buckeye Lake OH

Exterior Pest Control treatments for your Buckeye Lake OH Home or Office!

Don’t you just hate to see critters! Our Perimeter Pest Control Service helps to control those dreaded spiders, ants, crickets, and other bugs,  keeping them outside of your home– preventing them from entering your Buckeye Lake property.

We offer a program of 3 Pest Control Applications spread over the season beginning in the early spring and ending by late Fall.   We treat around the perimeter of your commercial or residential property focusing on complete coverage as well as watching out for those areas that critters might live — like in window wells, cracks in the foundation, etc.  Each application serves as barrier wall around your Buckeye Lake property.

Each application in Buckeye Lake OH has a 90 day residual, and the insects targeted include the following:

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Perimeter Pest Control in Buckeye Lake OH All Season Long

We offer perimeter pest control both as a stand alone service, or, we can combine with our other lawn care packages. We are confident we can provide very competitive pricing for your complete peace of mind! Buckeye Lake OH Customers: If you pre-pay for the season, an additional 10% price reduction can be realized.

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