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Keep Your Grass Greener with Our Lawn Care Fertilizer

Welcome to Bio Green! your premium choice for top-notch and Professional lawn fertilization services in Lewis Center, OH. Our commitment is to provide our communities with a professional touch. Our environmentally conscious and biologically beneficial fertilizer. Experience exceptional results in both the visual allure and growth of your lawn, all while contributing to environmental well-being. In the past, property owners—be it residential or commercial—grappled with the intricate decision of selecting from a myriad of synthetic chemical fertilizer brands when seeking professional lawn and landscape fertilization services. At Bio Green Ohio, we've pioneered an innovative approach to lawn care in Lewis Center, OH, reshaping industry standards. Join us on the journey to revitalize your landscape sustainably, one lawn at a time. Choose Bio Green for a renewed, flourishing lawn and a dedicated commitment to a greener and more sustainable future for your lawn!

Lawn Care with Child and Pet Friendly Fertilizer

Allow us to introduce Bio Green’s renowned, environmentally mindful, and remarkably effective fertilization solution that's readily available to the public, courtesy of our team of lawn and landscape fertilization specialists. With Bio Green's lawn care service, we elevate your lawn's vitality beyond the conventional fertilization choices, offering an affordable and skillfully applied lawn care solution that places utmost importance on environmental well-being, while ensuring the safety of both your children and pets.

Lawn Care that's Safe for Plants

Bio Green’s patent-pending lawn formula is made with a carefully chosen mix of liquid fertilizer, plant nutrients with soil amendments that are blended specifically for the nutritional needs of plants.

Our Lawn Care technology will bring your soil back to its natural state, balancing the pH and nutrients, while promoting a stronger root system and healthier top growth; the essentials for a rich, vibrant and healthy lawn. The use of our formula from year to year will encourage your root system to grow stronger and denser thus preventing weeds from emerging while making the lawn more drought resistant. A healthy plant, just like a healthy body, has a stronger immune system making it naturally resistant to diseases, insects and other pests.

Once a plant uses up the food it has stored in its system, it will draw nutrition from the soil. Since our lawn care product will feed and balance the soil, your lawn, landscape and gardens will receive the essential nutrients needed for maximum growth and blooming potential. Call our office of service professionals and get started on the road to a beautiful and healthy lawn in Lewis Center OH.

Grub Control

White Grubs are the larvae of June Beetles, which have a three year life cycle. In June, they lay their eggs in the soil and within weeks, the white grub emerges and feeds during the warm summer months, often causing extensive damage. They feed on grass, grass roots and garden crops. Food-seeking predators (such as moles, skunks, crows and blackbirds) often do further damage where grubs are present. Late summer or early fall is a great time to control these potentially devastating insects, catching them before they hibernate deep in the soil, preparing to destroy your lawn next year. STOP Grubs from destroying your lawn.




Flea and Tick Control

Got Fleas? Other insects in your lawn area?

The flea population is typically made up of 50% eggs, 30% larvae, 15% pupae and only 5% biting adults.

Fact: One female flea can lay about 18 eggs a day and just 20 fleas on a dog can produce 360 eggs per day and over 2000 eggs in a week.

Most fleas survive the winter in the larval or pupal stage and grow best during warm, moist winters and spring.

Consider treating your entire yard to protect those that are important to you. Insure that your family and pets can safely be in your lawn all season long. Our treatment has the same active ingredient as the flea and tick collar that you may be putting on your pet. Give us a call to find out more information or request a quote. (614) 764-2260




Liquid Lawn Aeration

What prompts our insistence on the significance of lawn aeration? The central objective is to optimize the intake of oxygen, water, and vital nutrients into the root zone, offering substantial advantages for lawns rooted in clay or compacted soils.

The array of BioGreen products is intricately designed to introduce an intensified oxygen supply into the root zone by incorporating essential nutrients and mild acids. Concurrently, this guiding principle facilitates the Transformation of the soil's organic matter into humic acids. Employing a microscopic alkali extraction method, this technique efficiently eliminates salts and establishes bonds with a focus on oxygen. The ensuing microscopic soil interactions generate a diverse lattice of fractures, fostering resilient rooting. The rooted system functions as a macroscopic aerator, establishing broader avenues for air and water.

Consistently, Our residents in Lewis Center express apprehensions about the depletion of their quality topsoil during construction, leaving them with denser clay or subsoil for their lawn. This situation adversely impacts their lawn's overall health, with aeration emerging as an essential remedy for uplifting and revitalizing the soil.


Benefits of liquid aeration:

  • Creates billions of fractures and encourage greater rooting.
  • Covers the entire lawn unlike core aeration which pokes holes every 3-6 inches.
  • It can be done anytime during the growing season different than the mechanical core aeration which is only recommended during the spring or fall.
  • No holes are made, and no grass is removed.
  • No need to mark sprinkler heads, invisible fences or cable lines.




Natural Lawn Fertilization

At Bio Green Ohio located in Lewis Center, our unwavering commitment is centered on providing Professional lawn care services that prioritize the flourishing of your outdoor retreat while championing environmentally conscious practices. This dedication is evident in our reliance on Bio Oasis' ecologically aligned and biologically sustainable fertilizer formulations, intricately designed to yield remarkable results in both visual aesthetics and botanical vitality. Throughout this process, we actively contribute to the overall ecological equilibrium, tending to each lawn with meticulous care.

In the past, property owners grappled with the complex task of navigating an array of synthetic chemical fertilizer brands when seeking professional lawn and landscape restoration services. Bio Green has reshaped this landscape by introducing a nationally acclaimed, potent, and environmentally considerate fertilizer, readily available through professional lawn and landscape restoration service providers. Our distinctive methodology transcends conventional restoration services, presenting a competitively priced product applied with precision to ensure the safety of the environment, families, and beloved pets.

The cutting-edge liquid lawn fertilization solution crafted by Bio Green, safeguarded by intellectual property rights, integrates a thoughtfully balanced fusion of liquid fertilizer, plant nutrients, and soil enhancements tailored to meet the nuanced nutritional requirements of plants. This innovative strategy aspires to reinstate your soil to its intrinsic balance, harmonizing pH levels and nutrients, fostering a robust root system, and promoting vigorous top growth—essential elements for nurturing a lush, vibrant, and flourishing landscape.

Regular use of our unique liquid over time nurtures the development of a more resilient and denser root system, thwarting the encroachment of undesirable vegetation and fortifying resistance to dry spells. Analogous to a resilient body fortified with a potent immune system, Prospering  plant life inherently resists diseases, pests, and insects.

As your plants extract vital nutrients from the soil, our solution guarantees that your lawn, landscape, and gardens obtain the necessary components for optimal growth and blossoming potential. Commence the path towards cultivating an enchanting and thriving outdoor sanctuary by connecting with our experienced team of experts today.






At Bio Green, we understand that cultivating a robust and thriving lawn involves a comprehensive approach. That's why we proudly incorporate seeding into our premium lawn restoration service.

Seeding is a pivotal yet often underestimated element of lawn care. As grass plants naturally taper their productivity after 3-4 years, re-seeding becomes a proactive measure to counterbalance this slowdown and ensure the ongoing vitality of your turf.

Wondering about the best time for seeding in your locale? In our area, we recommend a strategic seeding time frame between August 15 and September 30th. While these dates offer useful guidance, seasonal variations may require some adaptability. Seeding later in the fall carries a risk, as the seedling turf might not attain adequate growth to withstand the impending winter challenges.

Choose Bio Green located in Lewis Center, Ohio for your all-encompassing lawn care needs. Our commitment to comprehensive services goes beyond the ordinary, creating a verdant and flourishing landscape for your pleasure throughout the changing seasons.


Bio Green Ohio offers three different seeding services.

  • Over-seeding – The process is that seeds are dispersed on your lawn using a broadcast spreader. This process introduces new cultivars to help thicken your lawn. This is best done in conjunction with a core aeration allowing more seed to soil contact. Over-seeding is best done in the Spring or Fall if the homeowner can adequately water.
  • Dormant seedingDormant seeding is similar to overseeding, but it is done in late fall/winter when soil temperatures stay below germination activity(usually December). This process uses the freezing, thawing, and snow cover to work its way into the soil. The seeds will germinate in early spring when soil temperatures rise above germination temperatures. This is recommended for the busy homeowner who does not have the time to adequately water their lawn.

Dormant Seeding

Seeding is an important lawn care task, yet many homeowners do not know it. After 3-4 years, grass plants will slow down their productive rates. Re-seeding compensates for that natural slowdown of the turfs reproduction.

Dormant seeding is broadcasting seed over the targeted area when the soil temperatures will not go above germination levels (usually December). It uses the freezing, thawing and snow cover of the ground to pull the seeds into the soil so they will be available and ready when spring temperatures rise above germination levels. Spring also gives us enough rain so watering is at a minimum.

We offer this service for those who do not have the time to water their new seedlings as much as they need when starting out or who have missed the window for fall seeding





Natural Weed Control

Bio Green is committed to creating a weed-free haven through environmentally conscious practices. Our steadfast dedication to Best Management Practices (BMP) ensures the careful use of herbicides, prioritizing the health of your lawn while minimizing any impact on the surrounding environment.

Throughout the seasons, you'll witness the flourishing transformation of your lawn as our specialized fertilizers contribute to its vitality, creating a natural defense against weed proliferation. Our weed control strategy is meticulous, applying treatments only when necessary during each application to address specific issues without unnecessary herbicide use.

At Bio Green, our landscaping philosophy is grounded in foundational principles:

  • 1. See the big picture and the common thread
  • 2. Apply only what is needed when it is needed.
  • 3. Maintaining the soil food web is of the utmost importance
  • 4. Continue to research and develop ways to lower our chemical footprint
  • 5. Using natural products when available
  • 6. Find the source of the problem, don’t just treat the symptom

Bio Green proudly offers an All-Natural Weed Control Service, delivered by certified and licensed technicians proficient in outdoor weed control. Our proactive approach involves closely monitoring soil and plant dynamics to prevent infestations before they escalate, supplemented by nutrient-rich treatments to maintain a resilient and thriving landscape.

Residential Weed Control:

Enhance your home's allure with our organic, pet-friendly, and child-safe weed control services. Our monthly treatments keep lawns green and weed-free, creating a safe and inviting space for everyone in your community.

Commercial Weed Control:

Make a lasting impression with a well-maintained commercial lawn. Bio Green provides all-natural, people-friendly herbicides for commercial weed control. Monthly services are available to businesses in Lewis Center, Ohio ensuring a vibrant and welcoming exterior.

Ready to embark on a journey to revamp your outdoor environment sustainably? Connect with Bio Green at [(614) 764-2260)] to delve into more information or to request a tailored quote. Let's work together to shape a landscape that harmonizes beauty with ecological consciousness.




Tree and Shrub Service in Lewis Center OH

Tree and shrub treatment in Lewis Center OH


Tree and Shrub: Eco-Friendly Fertilization in Lewis Center OH

Just like your lawn, proper nutrition is essential for your trees and shrubs. Resistance to drought, disease and severe weather are significantly increased if your tree is healthy and strong. Our service professionals apply Bio Green Complete Landscape Nutrition™ directly onto the trunk of the tree, covering the bark of the tree thoroughly. This allows the tree to absorb essential nutrients immediately. For younger trees the spray will be a bit lighter. Typically a few applications will generate amazing results on any tree, regardless of the size, age or species. Our eco friendly tree and shrub treatments will keep your plants blossoming all season long!

Tree and Shrub: Cold Season in Lewis Center OH

In colder climates where the tree enters into a dormant period and can even freeze solid, an early spring application is needed to help jump start your trees growth for the season ahead. While the fall application helps your tree store energy and nutrition for the cold winter months. In warmer climates, it is essential to provide the tree with all the essential nutrients throughout the year. Your Bio Green Tree and Shrub service professional will determine the necessary nutritional recommendations for your area. If you want tree and shrub service that will keep your plants healthy throughout the fall and winter, then schedule service in Lewis Center OH today!

Tree and Shrub: Shrubs in Lewis Center OH

Your shrubs need nutrition too! Feeding them Bio Green’s Complete Landscape Nutrition™ along with your lawn and trees will provide the proper nutrition for your entire landscape. Providing the proper nutrients to your shrubs on a regular schedule will result in dense and full shrubs. If you are in need of Tree and Shrub service in Lewis Center, then schedule and appointment now.

Tree and Shrub: Flowers in Lewis Center OH

Bio Green works just as well on ornamental flowers as it does on your lawn, trees and shrubs. All plants need the same basic essential nutrients to grow. Bio Green provides these nutrients in a gentle and safe formula that will not harm or “burn” your delicate flowering plants. Proper nutrition and balance in the soil can make the difference between a beautiful flower and one that is worthy of being in a bouquet. (Please note that we do not spray directly on the flowers themselves, just around the base of the plant to protect the delicate petals). Schedule your Tree and Shrub service in Lewis Center OH now!


Insect Control

With our integrated program, each round is targeted towards a specific family of pests. Different pests require different timing and products to successfully control. We carefully match each round and timing to target the specific season and weather conditions for every year.

Pests that are targeted, but not inclusive include:

Aphids, Mites, Scale, Tent Caterpillars, European Pine Sawfly, Bagworms, Japanese Beetles, Mitesagworms, Japanese Beetles, Fall Webworms, Aphids, Mites, Scale, Leaf Bugs, Leaf Miners, etc.

Trees and shrubs that are recommended for care throughout the growing season include:

Most landscape plants including burning bush, euonymus, magnolia, maples, conifers (excluding blue spruce), ornamental cherries, apples, crabapples, plums, ash, willow,oak, maple, hawthorn, mugo pines, junipers, arbor vitaes, pines, junipers, sandcherries, hostas, Japanese maples, pines, junipers, sand cherries, hostas, ornamental fruit trees, Japanese maples.


Disease Control for Your Trees and Shrubs

Take care of your investment! The value of your property and curb appeal is based on a lush landscape which include your trees and shrubs. You want your landscape to looks its very best!

Call on Bio Green Ohio, your tree and shrub expert, licensed technicians when you see any signs of something not looking just right with any of your trees and shrubs. This could include discoloration, a dead portion, leaves falling off, etc.

Tree and shrub diseases appear at different times in the seasons and change under different weather conditions. When you sign up for a preventative program, we carefully match each round, product, and timing to target the specific time of season and weather conditions for the year.

Most common tree and shrub diseases for our Ohio area include:

  • Anthracnose
  • Dutch Elm disease
  • Phytophthora root rot
  • wood decay
  • Oak wilt
  • Needlecast
  • Verticillium wilt
  • Pinewood nematode
  • Iron and maganese chlorosis

Trees and shrubs that are recommended for care throughout the growing season include:

Most landscape plants including burning bush, euonymus, magnolia, maples, conifers, ornamental cherries, apples, crabapples, plums, ash, willow,oak, maple, hawthorn, mugo pines, junipers, arbor vitaes, pines, junipers, sandcherries, hostas, Japanese maples, pines, junipers, sand cherries, hostas, ornamental fruit trees, Japanese maples


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I have used Bio Green Ohio for a few years now and have been very happy with the service. They perform periodic lawn maintenance that helps to keep my lawn healthy. They use eco friendly products, which is a plus. I would highly recommend this business.

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Since Bio Green took over my lawn pest control 3 years ago - my yard has NEVER looked so healthy, thick and mostly weed free! I love this company. The owner David and his employees are simply the best, professional, courteous, so caring and are always there immediately if I have any concerns at all! I give Bio Green a 10 plus on ALL accounts! Thank you, Carolyn Edens
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Get the best lawn care in Lewis Center, OH

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Bio Green is THE best lawn service company I have ever used. This family owned franchise is friendly, professions, analyzed my issues, and came with with a quality multi-year solution. And their products are the most earth friendly. You will not be disappointed.

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Biogreen took our lawn from bleak to beautiful! David is the upmost professional, and has always been very helpful and responsive to questions and lawn requests. I will never use another lawn service again!

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Jon Davis

Services: Lawn pest control, Weed control
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

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Excellent customer service and service personnel. Great rates and no annoying sales calls.