Mowing and Watering Recommendations

Proper Mowing/Watering is Critical During Ohio Summer Months

Ohio Summers can be tough on a lawn. During the Spring, our lawns look great. However, our cool season grasses do not like the heat. They will need some extra attention from the homeowner. Mowing and watering are two important tasks that the homeowner can perform to help their lawn survive the heat of the summer.

Mow Properly

Only cut of 1/3" of the grass blade with every mowing. This helps the health of the grass and helps to suppress crab grass and disease.

Mowing height should be the highest setting on your mower, keep it high at 3.75+.

Keep your mower blades sharp. Look at the blade to verify you are getting a clean cut versus a tear.

Do not mow in the heat of the day. Mowing is best done in the morning hours during hot summer days.

Water Properly

As a rule of thumb, your lawn should get 1-1.5 inches of water weekly. This is a case of “more is not better.”

Water two or three times per week - not daily. This allows the roots to look for water and go deep. This will help your lawn in the hot days of summer. Signs of overwatering include crabgrass, nutsedge, mushrooms, and sometimes yellowing of the grass.

Only water in the early morning hours. This helps prevents fungus and disease.

Study your lawns. Trees & grass compete for the available moisture and nutrients. Trees will win. Look at areas next to cement areas such as driveways and sidewalks. Water a bit longer in these areas because the soil will dry quicker because of the heat reflection.

Heard of the screwdriver test? A simple test to see if you are watering enough is to take a screwdriver about 1.5 hours after watering. You should be able to push the screwdriver into the ground about 6-8 inches to verify if you have watered enough.

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Bio Green Ohio Service Reviews

Norman Lanier

David is awesome! Totally reliable and committed to doing an outstanding job for his clients! His products are super effective and eco-friendly. I have used 3 or 4 lawn services over the last 14 years, and after 3 applications by David, my lawn now looks better than it ever has!

Tom Potter

I am starting my fourth or fifth season with Bio Green Ohio and have been pleased since day one as I continue to be today. Prior to this, I had used the two well know companies here in Columbus. I was dissatisfied with them both for lack of attention and nonexistent responses when I called or sent a letter. I felt that I was only a number to them and they demonstrated zero interest in working with me other than to have their telemarketers call on a regular basis to up sell another service. So, when I decided to hire another company, I did a lot of research and Bio Green had very strong reviews and is why I chose to go with them. From the start, it was obvious they cared and were interested in what my needs and concerns are. It also is very refreshing that when the Technician is out, he will talk with you if you have any questions rather than the other folks who seem to run a marathon to get in and out as quickly as possible. My lawn has some challenges that Bio Green inherited and has been working hard to remedy. The great thing is that whenever I reach out, the response is immediate and Dave has made several trips to examine and study the issues at hand to determine the best course of action. I cannot overstate how happy I am and would highly recommend Bio Green Ohio to anyone who is looking to replace their current company or new to hiring a Lawn Care Service.


I contacted Bio Green 2 years ago after losing 20% of my lawn to fungus. Dave came out and assessed my lawn and offered his advice. After 2 years and with Bio Green my lawn looks better than it ever has. The other HUGE benefit (that I didn't realize at the time) their process doesn't use harmful chemicals that can hurt your children and pets. I won't trust my lawn to anyone else.

Dan Dragin

We had lots of dandelions and other weeds that decided to pop up as everything came in to bloom. Lori went out to the house to give an estimate same day I requested, and scheduled service shortly thereafter. Lawn looks great, and I'm happy that I am not using toxic chemicals for treatment. Thanks!!

Eduardo Collazo

Dave and Lori are truly the best! I wasn't seeing results doing my own fertilizing, not to mention all of the weeds and I started to explore alternative options. When I found out that the stuff they use is all natural and safe for my furry buddy I was sold. They were out at my house within days of my request and overnight it seemed that all of the weeds had vanished. My favorite was the personalized note that Dave left on my invoice with some pointers. Very satisfied and strongly recommend!!

Brenda Reddy

So far Bio Green has lived up to it's billing. We're not sure our yard has ever looked as good as it does right now. With two dogs it was important to us to find a company who used natural fertilization. We are very happy with our decision to use Bio Green.

Diane Hunter

Customer service is top-notch! They are quick to respond and take action. They use products I feel good about using and are very knowledgeable. They use the same care with my referrals.

Ryan Sibley

Biogreen has done a great job on our lawn! We have been thrilled with the service they provide, and it's nice to know that their product is safe for kids and pets.